Toehider – Metaltarsus art

Something I love is when I do some artwork, like it, eventually decide I hate it and abandon it, then even though I know it’s a lost cause I do some tweaking, and I end up LOVING it!

That’s what happened with this EP artwork.  I did this original digital painting and worked myself into hating it.  I then decided to make a joke of it and make the EP a total tongue in cheek project and use this –

Then in the dying hours of our self imposed deadline of the 12th of each month to get the EPs out by I decided to revisit my original idea…made a few changes and BAM!  It struck me as being a completely different picture and really worth keeping!  So at the last minute we decided to go with the original, now tweaked artwork.

Which I present here –

Super double plus fun artwork in the end, after passing through a phase of being the target of my utmost direct HATRED!

You can check out the October offering the 12 EPs in 12 Months project at



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