Long days and hurt backs

Saturday the 24th of October was a BIG day.

Had a day of shooting video that begun at 8am and ended up driving away after wrapping at around 2:30am.  It was a huge day of standing, sitting  on busted couches, lifting, stapling, crane use, driving, walking, shopping and holding a data projector at full stretch above my head for five minutes.

At some stage in that time I just happened to over do it and, as my doctor said using the correct medical term I “stuffed my back”.  Owch.

Sunday morning I woke up and had trouble getting out of bed…was so stiff.  Later in the day I got stiffer and it become harder to move and by Sunday night I was in pain and quite immobile.

Monday morning I was suffering pretty bad.  It hurt to do anything.  I could hardly move at all and actually had to make myself a walking stick out of a length of PVC pipe and some gaff tape to be able to hobble around.  Upon discovering I couldn’t even dress myself, I was lucky enough that Kylie dropped by home and was able to dress me.  I did the uncomfortable pouring of myself into my car and the “every bump is like a hot dagger in my spine” drive to work.

Big mistake.  I couldn’t move around the office without looking like some sort of 120 year old invalid and I ended up just going home.  It seems that trek in may have actually aggravated my problem more as Monday night I was pretty much unable to even move my toes without it killing my back.

Tuesday I stayed at home to rest…but there was no relief.  I took my daily suggested allowance of Herron, Nurofen Plus and Voltarin Rapid which didn’t put a dent in the pain…so Tuesday night it was off to the doctor.

It was here he gave me the aforementioned diagnosis of a “stuffed back” and told me that I need “active rest” at home and if I went to work again this week he would “kick my teeth in”.  These are his actual words.  I love that doctor, he’s so awesome.  Anyway he prescribed me some Panadine Forte and stronger Voltarin and ordered me home for that rest.

The scary part of it all was that he said if by Friday I had no improvement I’d probably have to get a CT scan on my back, as the damage would probably have been worse than he thought.

Wednesday went by much the same as Tuesday.  Towards the afternoon I thought it started feeling a bit better, but I wasn’t sure if that was from healing or because I’d been downing painkillers all day.  So I went to bed hopeful.

Here I am on Thursday night.  My back still hurts but I’m way way more mobile than I have been and the pain is considerably less than it was yesterday.  So I think it may be on the mend, which is good.  I had been stressing pretty bad that I had REALLY fucked something in my back, which it seems now I most likely haven’t.  Whew.

So in my ideal world, tomorrow I will be a bit better and by the end of the weekend I’ll be set to head back to work on Monday.  Here’s hoping!  Now I can start dreading the amount of work I’ll have piled up when I go back 😦

Moral of the story?  Hurt backs suck mega balls.


3 Responses to “Long days and hurt backs”

  1. Aaron (phloggy) Says:

    You do know that registered medical practitioners and the sort of guys that bikie gangs use are different kinds of doctors, don’t you?

  2. Owche momma. Sounds very very painful, it’s a week later now, how are you?

  3. My back itself, as in the middle part feels much better, but I’ve either done a bit of nerve damage or have just hugely strained my right hip.

    Still hurts to move and do just about anything, but not super blinding pain in my lower back, now I just get pain in my hip/right lower back type area.

    Just going about my daily routine and not overdoing it. Which is apparently the best medicine for this sort of thing.

    Oh yeah, and fistfulls of painkillers 😀

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