Pen Review – Pilot B2P (Bottle to Pen)

The second in my road tested “eco” pens running on the premise of being manufactured from recycled materials is this offering from Pilot.  The B2P is advertised as being made from 89% recycled materials (apparently not including ink, cartridges or refills) which going by the packaging and design, and name obviously, is recycled water bottles.  Pretty cool idea and it leads to them being able to really go all out on designing the look of the pen.

This one fell directly into my shopping basket because it just looks awesome.  The blister packaging has the pen sitting suspended inside a larger capsule that is shaped like a water bottle complete with the swirly indented lines around it.  Think Mount Franklin water bottles.

The pen maintains this design with it’s smooth plastic body having the same wavy lines carved into the barrel to mimic the bottles from whence they come.  It’s made of really cool looking transparent blue hard plastic, giving it that watery kind of look.  It is a retractable style pen and has a nice sturdy clicking mechanism.

That’s unfortunately about where the greatness of this pen ends.  As far as performance on paper it is just such a huge letdown.  It’s a gel ink type pen which can usually go either way.  They are usually either really excellent pens, especially for writing, or they’re just horrible.  This one falls on the horrible side of that equation.  I haven’t even done an example sketch for this pen as it was too frustrating even to write with.  The ink comes out nice and black, but as soon as you change direction in your lines or do anything too swirly it just cuts out and you’re left with gaps in your lines.  It’s probably a little too inky for sketching also.  At a push, if it didn’t have the crappy ink cut out problem it might be OK for doing some bold illustration type lines, but unfortunately it doesn’t flow nearly well enough.

Good on Pilot though for entering the whole eco-pen race.  If they’d instead made it just a really nice regular ballpoint pen it’d probably be a decent pen to use for a variety of applications as it is pretty comfortable to hold.  A rubbery grip would make it a bit nicer though.  All of that is moot though because what it puts on the paper is actually quite horrid.  I’ve included a picture of some of my scribbles I did with it.  No sketch.


One Response to “Pen Review – Pilot B2P (Bottle to Pen)”

  1. Hi, I got this pen today and just read your review. It comes with a G2 refill. My pen does not come in a blister pack like yours, and both the pen and refill are made in France. What about yours?

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